AO3 Tag Roulette: July 2023

The AO3 Tag Roulette Challenge for July 2023 - the ultimate test of your writing skills and creativity. Aspiring writers and seasoned storytellers alike are invited to take on the challenge, using the five randomly generated tags provided by the AO3 Tag Roulette random generator to craft a story. With over 25,000 tags from the Archive of Our Own (AO3) database, the possibilities are endless, allowing writers to explore different genres, themes, and ideas. The below list was compiled using the AO3 Tag Roulette random generator and will provide you with five tags from Archive of Our Own (AO3). Your task is to write a story using all of them. Anything goes with Tag Roulette - from romantic to fantasy to just downright weird, you never know where the tags will take you.

Remember, you can do as much or as little with each tag as you like, and you're not limited to those tags alone. Get creative with it, and make the tags work for you. The goal of this challenge is to inspire you to write, so don't be afraid to take the tags in a direction that feels right for you.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Let's see what tags fate has in store for you in July 2023:
  1. Opera singers; sudoku; magnolias; wicked eyes and wicked hearts; fox
  2. Making coffee; flying ships; awkward family dinner; unresolved feelings; desire
  3. Survival situation; temporary tattoos; abduction; platinum blonde; cats everywhere
  4. Celestial; spurs; dinner parties; drunk shenanigans; brooch
  5. Surrealism; silence; soulmate denial; self medicating; culinary school
  6. White clouds; landscaping; ribs; family backstory; tear
  7. Shopping; first words; multiple personality disorder; wedding invitation; decked out
  8. Chronic pain; mobile games; scare tactics; blossoming feelings; belly piercing
  9. Unofficial marriage; baby pictures; birthday clown; stranger; biting
  10. Haunted hospital; loud music; tunnel; unsaid words; weed smoking
  11. Trapped in a supermarket; mental health treatment; guidance counselors; class change; shoplifting
  12. Past lives; chapstick; scars; partial blindness; being kicked out
  13. Over-sized clothing; love at first meeting; dressmaker; space vampires; blackberries
  14. Hard decisions; exploration; clan dynamics; stuck in a snowstorm; chips
  15. CEO of becoming their own worst enemy; sneaky; clueless idiots in love; creative problem solving; magical shoes
  16. Confused bard; awkward first meeting; co-workers to enemies to lovers; punished; creative threats
  17. Royal consort; traffic; underage drinking and smoking; virgin; stone circles
  18. Hall of fame; medical history; insecurities; street art; love through the years
  19.  Slumber party; captured together; visual hallucinations; double identity; locked door
  20. Severe anxiety; skirt; can't breathe; starting again; souvenir
  21. Nosy parents; over-sized hoodie; irreversible change; cat nip; kitten
  22. Chat group; cloud gazing; meddling angels; character backstory; presents
  23. Night before the wedding; bookmark; lipstick marks; Indian food; candy
  24. Organ transplant; brainstorming; hypocrisy; graphic designer; character is a Chad
  25. Kissing in a closet; parental homophobia; holiday decorating; date; cooking
  26. Vocabulary; cold medicine; project; flatmates; radio calls
  27. Lecture; ferris wheel kiss; memories and flashbacks; undercover flirting; bookstore
  28. Couch cuddles; pain everywhere; yellow; shopping cart; freckle admiration
  29. Coffee jelly; abuse of books; family chaos; music major; symphorophilia
  30. Unexpected events; out of practice; emotional shutdown; tangent; in a bar
  31. Bakery; crazy ex; a fascination with mythical creatures; eyebrows; notebook

Now that you have the details, it's time to start writing! We can't wait to see what stories you come up with using the tags generated by AO3 tag roulette. Don't forget to use the tags "prompt roulette" and "AO3 tag roulette" when posting your stories on AO3 so that others can easily find and read them. We look forward to reading your stories, so start writing and have fun! Download in PDF format below.

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