AO3 Tag Roulette: September 2023

The AO3 Tag Roulette Challenge for September 2023 - the ultimate test of your writing skills and creativity. Aspiring writers and seasoned storytellers alike are invited to take on the challenge, using the five randomly generated tags provided by the AO3 Tag Roulette random generator to craft a story. With over 25,000 tags from the Archive of Our Own (AO3) database, the possibilities are endless, allowing writers to explore different genres, themes, and ideas. The below list was compiled using the AO3 Tag Roulette random generator and will provide you with five tags from Archive of Our Own (AO3). Your task is to write a story using all of them. Anything goes with Tag Roulette - from romantic to fantasy to just downright weird, you never know where the tags will take you.

Remember, you can do as much or as little with each tag as you like, and you're not limited to those tags alone. Get creative with it, and make the tags work for you. The goal of this challenge is to inspire you to write, so don't be afraid to take the tags in a direction that feels right for you.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Let's see what tags fate has in store for you in September 2023:
  1. Paranoid; pickles; Google translate; years apart; free hugs
  2. Carving; magic police; fake injury; vacation; making a mess
  3. Dollhouse; suit; acapella; watching the sunset; half truths
  4. Unsolved case; elections; DNA; newlyweds; colour coding
  5. War changes people; punch; on the run; longing and pining; prison time
  6. Infectious disease; shopkeepers; school years; burn; Christmas festival
  7. Feeling hopeless; mental institution; healing and growth; property damage; texting
  8. Waking up; breaking habits; basically a Hallmark movie; delivery; karaoke bar
  9. Letters to no one; origami; nearly drowning; bear hugs; higher education
  10. Deep and meaningful conversations; shots; natural selection; middle of nowhere; pet fish
  11. Chess; being an adult; child free by choice; stupid pickup lines; long distance flirting
  12. Clarinet; armour; kiss of death; classical literature; string
  13. Corgi; science experiment gone wrong; hacker; inanimate transformation; outdoors
  14. Kiss marry kill; five years later; proud parents; new in town; postal service
  15. Witty banter; bad innuendo; travelling hearts; weekend away; dumpster diving
  16. Accidental flirting; hologram; swords and sorcery; superhuman; school shopping
  17. Art heist; university student; five senses; space food; breaking furniture
  18. Goose-typical violence; reality show; sailboat; milkshakes; limp
  19. Kitchen witch; payment; family history; urban magic; sibling bonding
  20. Separation anxiety; dog bed; shared birthday; end of the year; tour guide
  21. Elective amnesia; traumatic haircut; intoxicated; surgery; crawl
  22. Guessing games; demon; minivan; drunk singing; payback
  23. Ballroom scene; trying to impress; pasta; outer space; back injury
  24. Learning to read; wing clipping; conquering fear; peppermint tea; connected
  25. Cereal mascots make a cameo; high fever; college crush; epiphany; confronting the past
  26. Collection of doll heads; criminals in costume; taking the bullet; unsupportive family; tragedy
  27. Community garden; carnival rides; cigarettes; voice messages; time limits
  28. Poverty; bruises and birthmarks; hospital; lactose intolerance; empty threats
  29. Cake tasting; spoon theory; fox/human hybrid; swapping clothes; metal limbs
  30. Drunk decision making; complicated grief; spies; doing the wrong thing for the right reasons; 1980s

Now that you have the details, it's time to start writing! We can't wait to see what stories you come up with using the tags generated by AO3 tag roulette. Don't forget to use the tags "prompt roulette" and "AO3 tag roulette" when posting your stories on AO3 so that others can easily find and read them. We look forward to reading your stories, so start writing and have fun! Download in PDF format below.

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