Monster May Challenge: 2023

"Monster May" is a writing challenge where participants are given a different supernatural creature prompt each day for the entire month of May. In addition to the daily creature prompts, there are four other optional prompts included to provide participants with extra inspiration and creative fuel. These prompts can be used to enhance the story, but they are not required. There are no rules, so feel free to experiment with different genres and get as imaginative as possible! Alternatively, if the paranormal genre isn't your thing, you can try out the May Mixtape Writing Challenge or our monthly AO3 Tag Roulette Challenge instead.

  1. Werecoyote [celestial spirits, elemental bending, former assassin, death by chicken]
  2. Alien [space academy, unearthed bones, bloody nose, curse breaking]
  3. Ghost [haunted house, cryptozoology, shrine, rules are made to be broken]
  4. Werewolf [plant magic, various historical figures, reanimation, solving crime]
  5. Wyrm [enchanted forest, disaster, co-existence, mythology]
  6. Space mermaid [space adventures, consequences, rooftop garden, prosthetics]
  7. Deadly sins personified [chimerism, falconry, altered state of mind, letters]
  8. Witch [feeling each other's emotions, sleeping spell, picnic under the stars, book]
  9. Siren [pirates, brainwashing recovery, reading minds, plants]
  10. Elf [magic carpet, plant nursery, fight club, turn everything into dragons]
  11. Wolf hybrid [everyone disappears except for the two main characters, surprise attack, changing timelines, horror]
  12. Dragon hybrid [super villain, ancestry, royal blood, lying about age]
  13. Animal shifter [temporary insanity, pet rat, sibling bonding, rapid aging]
  14. Wood nymph [animal guides, magic forest, eye patch, cathedral]
  15. Undead [falling down stairs, new body, back from the dead, technologically impaired]
  16. Succubus/Incubus [haunted apartment, cloak, symbolic dreams, locked door]
  17. Airhead wizard [dual identities, screaming and crying, retelling, journey's end]
  18. Vampire [occupational hazard, handwritten letters, squirrel without a cause, becoming human]
  19. Apparition [crossing dimensions, public library, exhaustion, castle life]
  20. Fae [dream travel, awkward conversations, slang, secrecy]
  21. Gay ghosts [haunted locations, vacation time, loss of possessions, old habits die hard]
  22. Demon [magical gifts, death of a friend, painting on skin, fever dream]
  23. The Devil [soul injury, personal assistant in Hell, dumb ways to die, dysfunctional people]
  24. Big foot [hair braiding, big secret, beer, brawl]
  25. Gorgon [reluctant protagonist, going missing, pet wolf, injuries]
  26. Soul reaper [defying fate, justifiable homicide, flower pressing, setting things on fire]
  27. Pegasus [haunted forest, paperwork, natural disaster, experimental magic]
  28. Mummy [life swap, spirit world, brink of death, cult shit]
  29. Space zombies [space archaeology, fear of flying, repaying debt, ice and fire]
  30. Genie [altered reality, occult club, cryostasis, speakeasy]
  31. Nephilim [recluse, royalty, imaginary world, magic shoes]

Now that you have the details, it's time to start writing! We can't wait to see what stories you come up with using these prompts we generated using our Paranormal Prompt Generator. Don't forget to use the tags "prompt roulette" and "Monster May 2023" when posting your stories on AO3 so that others can easily find and read them. We look forward to reading your stories, so start writing and have fun! Download in PDF format below.

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