AO3 Tag Roulette: May 2023

The AO3 Tag Roulette Challenge for May 2023 - the ultimate test of your writing skills and creativity. Aspiring writers and seasoned storytellers alike are invited to take on the challenge, using the five randomly generated tags provided by the AO3 Tag Roulette random generator to craft a story. With over 25,000 tags from the Archive of Our Own (AO3) database, the possibilities are endless, allowing writers to explore different genres, themes, and ideas. The below list was compiled using the AO3 Tag Roulette random generator and will provide you with five tags from Archive of Our Own (AO3). Your task is to write a story using all of them. Anything goes with Tag Roulette - from romantic to fantasy to just downright weird, you never know where the tags will take you.

Remember, you can do as much or as little with each tag as you like, and you're not limited to those tags alone. Get creative with it, and make the tags work for you. The goal of this challenge is to inspire you to write, so don't be afraid to take the tags in a direction that feels right for you.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Let's see what tags fate has in store for you in May 2023:
  1. Unofficial relationship, stealing to survive, free food, tobacco, ultimatum
  2. Neon lights, musings on love, new bed, relationship doubts, making chocolate
  3. Ashamed, recovery, good friend, Christmas movie, dangerous
  4. Overpowered, custard dreams, pet snake, cam show, winter vacation
  5. Pep rally, rest and relaxation, retirement plans, spiced peaches, poisoned apple
  6. Getting away with murder, rainy morning, blood & booze, never happened, strong
  7. Academic conference, time crunch, high school reunion, clothes cutting, platonic hurt/comfort
  8. Switching roles, volunteering, soul collecting, catch & release, silver spoon
  9. Reflecting on life, guessing, snorkelling, seeing double, censored swearing
  10. Confused feelings, paradise, sexism but they redeem themself, affection, fountain
  11. Later in life, a wasp, mobile games, abandoned hospital, maternal love
  12. Clandestine meetings, bad on purpose, lighthouse, baby sitting, wound
  13. A journey, side mission, voice on the radio, butternut, deadline
  14. Struggles with sexuality, last wishes, scabs, sitting by the fire, beef
  15. Countdown, name meanings, mayonnaise, blame the friends, classifying the relationship.
  16. Good to bad, pen pals, trope city, retail work, fire wood
  17. Motorcycle, apology letter, saliva, family rivalry, bus crash
  18. Victim self blaming, emotion comfort, fences, late Christmas present, neck massage
  19. Breaking the ice, curtains, shrimp-coloured eyes, depressing shit, kitchen counter
  20. Companionable silence, physical mutations, past possession, leaning, belated Valentine's day
  21. Mythology and folklore, shop owner, long days, court politics, unrequited love
  22. Rescue animals, red velvet cake, piano, strangers kissing, new powers
  23. Celebrity gossip, novelist, typical high school drama, social worker, project
  24. Trust fall, collective family trauma, better than it sounds, brush with death, beautiful chaos
  25. Fantasy elements, setting people up, small x tall, dark place, daisy chains
  26. Exposed secrets, rivals turned lovers, conlang, celebrity culture, bad language
  27. Questioning loyalty, familial relationships, royal tutor, birth defects, cheetos
  28. Snow shovelling, counselling, overprotective friends, haunted house, hair loss
  29. Gym buddies, parental issues, space mermaids, swarm, spandex
  30. Tattoo tracing, comfort and hurt, incoherent sobbing, comfortable silence, earbuds
  31. Cryokinesis, call of the abyss, weed, immaculate conception, ritualistic sacrifice

Now that you have the details, it's time to start writing! We can't wait to see what stories you come up with using the tags generated by AO3 tag roulette. Don't forget to use the tags "prompt roulette" and "AO3 tag roulette" when posting your stories on AO3 so that others can easily find and read them. We look forward to reading your stories, so start writing and have fun! Download in PDF format below.

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