A banner with the words "Tag Roulette" written on it.

Explore the infinite possibilities of this tag generator, fueled by the vast Archive of Our Own (AO3) database. Unlock your imagination and embark on a unique writing journey with access to over 25,000 tags. With just a single click, the button below will reveal five random tags, to inspire you.

Tag Roulette disregards limitations, offering a diverse range of options that traverse genres from romance to fantasy and even the downright bizarre. If you prefer a more focused writing experience, check out the other random generators on this site instead.

Additionally, this tag generator provides a dropdown menu that allows you to customize your tag selection. Choose the "Standard Tags Only" option for a pool of tags excluding extremely triggering and NSFW tags. If you seek a broader spectrum of tags, select the "Include ALL Tags" option, which includes these triggering and NSFW tags. [Please note: that the presence of these tags in your results is not guaranteed; it simply expands the pool from which tags are randomly selected. Triggering tags refers to explicit and severe triggers.]