A banner with the words "Romance Prompt Generator" written on it.

Need some help getting your next romantic story off the ground? Click the button below for five random prompts/tags to inspire your writing. This romance tag generator is here to help you create a captivating love story, with some extra generic tags for added inspiration. Hopefully, these tags will spark your creativity and you'll have a blast writing some new stories!

Use the drop down menu to choose between male x male, female x female, or female x male relationships, or leave it on the default "all" for a diverse mix of prompts across all sexualities.

Please note: this toggle list is just to ensure that you don't get tags related to a sexuality that doesn't align with your characters' gender and romantic/sexual preferences. If you choose to include NSFW prompts, the presence of these tags in your results is not guaranteed; it simply expands the pool from which tags are randomly selected. For strictly NSFW prompts, check out the NSFW Prompt Generator.